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2017 Move into a new Head office : 235, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
2016 Registration of high product procurement(the Office of Supply, Korea)
2016 Certification of New Excellent Technology(NET)
2015 Registration as venture enterprise
2015 Registration of certified Wi-Fi
2015 Certification of software (GS)
2015 Registration of manufactory
2014 SelectedasprototypeproductionsupportinDaejeon business agency
2014 Acquisition of direct production certification (Closed Circuit television system)
2014 Acquisitionofpatentinpedestrianguidancesystemanditscontrol system
2014 Additionalregistrationofextraassistantdesignforpedestrians in the traffic signal
2014 Acquisition of EMI/EMS in CCTV camera
2014 Acquisition of direct production certificate (Guidance, Traffic information display)
2013 Acquisition of ISO9001:2008 (quality management system)
2013 Certification of INNO-BIZ (Innovative-Business)
2013 Design registration of pedestrian guidance assistant device in traffic light
2013 Design registration in manhole cover
2013 Acquisition of patent in pedestrian guidance assistant device
2012 Establishment of research institute
2010 Extension of the company building
2010 Acquisition of direct production certificate (Traffic light control system)
2008 Change of Representative (Rep. Park rename himself)
2008 Daejeon Signal → Daekyung electric & communication Inc.
2008 Announcement of change in company’s name
2007 Utility model acquisition on circular type of hand-hole
2007 Patent application in vehicle detection system and work equipment
2006 Gwangmyeong province and completion of UTIS
2007 Completion of wireless traffic information collection in
2007 Development of circular type of hand-hole
2006 Register of CCTV Installation and construction business
2006 Register of CCTV manufacturing and selling
2006 Acquisition of software work license
2006 Developmentofdry type of autovehicledetectionsystem
2005 construction equipment in Korea for the first time
2005 Relocationofcompany’sheadquartertoweolpyeong-dong 68th street seo-gu Daejeon
2004 Acquisition of LED Traffic light(E-mark) as high efficient energ
2004 Purchasing the company building
2002 Establishing the Daekyung Signal Corporation (Rep: Park, Ho Kyu)
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