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Installation of the traffic signal and maintenance
■ Summary of the product : This is a traffic signal device which aims to indicates the progress, stop, direction change and warning signal through the words, signs and the lights in terms of road transportation.

■ Product type : Traffic signal controller, traffic signal & products related to installation


Installing the collector of traffic flow information.
■ Summary of the product : It is a device that collects the up-to-date traffic information on the highway, national highway and arterial highways in the built-up area.

■ Product composition : This is being consisted of information processing on the traffic control center, facility center for the system control & information delivery and regional control device on the road sites.

■ Product type : 32 straight and left turn, 8 angle 100m, 200m queue and closing pair - loop detector(speed measurement type), long - loop detector

■ Used place : Scanning necessary section such as sensor, crime prevention and over-speeding


Traffic Control Center
■ Summary of the product
Central traffic control center that makes smooth traffic flow by performing the up-to-date traffic control depending on the traffic situation

■ Functions of the product
- It is able to automatically transmit the traffic information to the central management center after it collects the information from the traffic  patrol automobile or from the CCTV cameras that is being installed on the intersection.

- The computer in the management center can promptly analyze the collected information so that it can automatically control the traffic light in the  intersection within the traffic control region.

- It can also promptly send message to the drivers through the traffic announcement of the control center’s and the traffic indicator board

■ Goal of the product 
The modernization of Controlling the traffic light and its management
Active traffic management in urban areas.
Providing high quality traffic information as well as supporting police operation

■ Expectation :
- Reducing traffic congestion
- Reducing travel time and usage of fuel
(Schematic diagram of new system)

■ Summary of the product
Through ITS(Intelligent Transportation system) joins the conventional traffic system to the electron, telecommunication and controlling. It makes the conventional traffic system to be efficient but safe transportation’s management .

■ Types of the product
1. Traffic management - real time traffic controller, management of unexpected accident & its situation and heavy vehicle monitoring
2. Traffic information - Providing traffic information, guidance of trips and the optimal route guidance.
3. Public transportation - Providing the public transportation’s information, management of public transportation.
4. Transportation of cargo - Management of cargo & vehicle of cargo, management of dangerous material’s vehicle
5. Vehicle and the road - Management of cutting edge vehicle & management of the road system

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