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Cover of the casting hand-hole
Summary of the product
This product have completely improved the problems of conventional hand-hole which used to be damaged easily. Manufactured by 100% cast iron (spheroidal graphite), it has great durability as well as having great effects on improving city view and enhancing the construction efficiency
1. Applied area : sidewalks, parks and for flowers bed.
2. Standard and quality of the material 600x600x60 / 800x800x60. (spheroidal graphite)
3. Drawbacks of the conventional concrete hand-hole
- Damage occurs due to heavy machinery or cargo vehicles
- Occurrence of pedestrian injury due to damaged cover
- Inconvenience of transport and construction due to heavy weight (200kg)
■ Advantages of casting hand-hole
- Easy to construct and transport due to drastic decline of its weight
- High durability(Semi-permanent)
- Lid and lid cap are manufactured by strong cast iron (spheroidal graphite) so that it have great durability
- It prevent external approach since this hand-hole is open and shut down by using the key. It also does not give any inconvenience to the pedestrians because it does not have any spurs
- Lid and lid cap are connected through the chain so that it does not have any worries or being stolen
■ Substitution methods안
1. Replace the conventional concrete hand-hole to the casting hand-hole whenever the conventional ones are being damaged ⇨ Cost saving!!
2. Applying casting hand-hole when installing new hand-hole
Circular type of Hand-hole (HDPE)
Summary of the product
Overcoming drawbacks of conventional types of concrete hand-hole by manufacturing the hand-hole to the circular type. It also enhance city view as well as improving construction’s efficiency
■ Strengths of the product
- Easy to transport and construct since the weight have been much lighter compared to the conventional type of rectangular concrete hand-hole
- Capable of semi-permanent use and high durability since lid and lid cap is manufactured by casting
- It prevent external approach since this hand-hole is open and shut down by using the key. It also does not give any inconvenience to the pedestrian because it does not have any spurs
- There are no erosion since it is being made from high dense HDPE. The inside of hand-hole is clean due to minimizing of sinking and other dirt inflow
- This hand-hole possess function to emit small amounts of gas which are being inflow from the drilling hole
- Lid and Lid cap is connected through the chain which prevents from stolen
■ Product capacity comparison
Clayse 시리즈
  Standard Internal Capacity Reference
Circular type of hand-hole (PE) ∅450x600 ∅450 Circular types of hand-hole has better internal space usage
∅600x600 ∅600
Rectangular type ofconcrete hand-hole 600x600x600 ∅400
800x800x800 ∅600
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