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Summary of the product
This device is installed at a pedestrian crossing or at an intersection to operate the traffic light and collect traffic information
■ Functions of the product
(MCU: Main Control Unit) : Device which functions mainly on communication with central control center or deal with traffic information.
(SCU: Signal Control Unit) : Device that performs functions such as turning off the signal light & the safety control according to the command of the main control unit.

■ Characteristic of the product : Stable movement is considered as very important and it should be adequately prepared on temperature, humidity and other natural environments since it is exposed on external environments. It should be designed especially considering breakdown or damage on the overvoltage or thunderbolt

■ Product Standard
Traffic light controller
Division Contents
Unit price Refer on public procurement service
Name of the standard Traffic light controller (DK-370T, Standard of National Police Agency)
Classified number 46161504
Identification number 22080404
Contact number 00118049201-1
Traffic light controller
CPU CPU 32Bit, 533Mhz Process
Memory 64Mbyte SRAM
8Mbyte Flash memory
Communicationmethod VME BUS
SCU CPU 16Bit, 200Mhz Process or 32Bit, 533Mhz Process
Memory 2Mbyte SRAM or 64Mbyte SRAM
2Mbyte Flash Memory or 8Mbyte Flash Memory
LSU Output function R1, Y1, G1, R2, Y2, G2
Others Function of surveillance traffic light
MMI Display 8-Line display
Others 24Key, LED displaying its condition
Network Modem 2400BPS
TCP/IP 10/100 Base Ethernet LAN
Power Supply ProtectiveFunction Possess function of protecting overcurrent
Power Supply Response 80ms
Power Fail response Within 500ms of outage : Continue More than 1000ms outage : initialization
Size (HxWxD) 1000 x 600 x 450 mm
■ Product picture

■ Maintenance and repairing the traffic light
- Repairing the traffic light and its controller
- Performing unit price construction and maintenance & repairing construction
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